Market for the coming week.

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Market for the coming week.

Post  mercuryprashant on Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:58 am

we are starting to see the effects of Saturn- Uranus opposition, which is partly responsible for the global recession which originated in Dec'06, this aspect will be exact on 26th Apr'10 at 23 hrs GMT.

Another factor is that Mercury has turned Retrograde and is in an applying square to Mars (exact on 25th Apr ).

Venus squares Neptune on 23rd Apr.

There are some positive aspects like Venus sextile uranus and Venus trine saturn on 24th, sun trine pluto on 25th- but these may not have any major effect on the market as during these exact aspects the market is closed , and also these are very near to 26th.
So guys, looks like the market is in the hands of the bears for some time.

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