Trend Micro total Security 2010 With trial Reset crack

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Trend Micro total Security 2010 With trial Reset crack

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 28, 2010 12:59 pm

Easy-to-use, comprehensive protection
Trend Micro Internet Security Pro provides the most comprehensive, easy-to-use protection for your personal data so you can shop, bank, or browse with confidence.

Shop, bank, and invest online with peace of mind
Trend Micro Internet Security Pro safeguards your personal information from hackers and cybercriminals whether you are at home or away:

•Remotely secure confidential files and folders in case your computer is lost or stolen
•Automatically check the legitimacy of Wi-Fi “hot spots” when using your laptop on the road
•Prevents data thieves, viruses, SMS text message spam and other malware from invading your smartphone
•Remotely erases data from your smartphone if it’s stolen
•Inspects web page content in real-time – so you’re protected even if you’re the first visitor to a new unsafe website
•Back up as much as 2GB of your critical data to a secure online site

Smart features tailored to your activities
Trend Micro Internet Security Pro not only defends your computer from the latest spyware, viruses, and phishing scams, and goes one step further:

•Keep your protection current with automatic updates
•Prevent unauthorized users from changing your critical applications, without impacting your PC’s performance
•Pause security updates or scans when you give presentations, watch movies, or play games
•Automatically prevent suspicious software on USB devices from opening
•Helps you to easily manage all the devices connected to your home network
•Easily customizable parental controls to protect your children against inappropriate content
•Get a complete and customizable snapshot of security activities on your computer

Optimized PC performance
Trend Micro Internet Security Pro includes powerful, easy-to-use tools to keep your computer running smoothly:

•20% smaller file size, 20% faster scan time
•Clean up registry and temp files and manage startup programs to boost PC performance

Surf the web with confidence

•Detects and removes viruses, spyware, and other malicious threats from your computer, email, instant messages and downloads
•Proven leadership in anti-spam technology, including email and image spam
•Finds and blocks untrustworthy links in email and instant messages
•Stops websites from installing dangerous downloads on your computer
•Quick Scan allows you to quickly find and remove most malware when you are running short on time.

Maximum security. Online freedom.
Trend Micro Internet Security Pro. Enjoy your online activities with complete confidence.

•See the Complete Features List
•Use the Trend Micro Product Comparison Chart to compare product features

Keep your personal information and PC safe — order Internet Security Pro today!
Protect up to 3 PCs per household.

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No rar pw

* this program requires that .NET Framework 3.5 be installed if crack not working plz download .net framework 3.5 from microsoft (slow speed)
download from Our Forum

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